Easylap rc timing system

Normally costing thousands of dollars, race timing systems tell the cold truth about your setup and your skills. Unlike other timing systems on the market, infrared technology offers highly accurate results and uses the Spektrum telemetry capability you already have in your transmitter to deliver information instantly and conveniently.

easylap rc timing system

The lightweight system is versatile enough to handle any number of racers at a time and can be expanded to optimize gate range and encompass a total of ten check points. The Spektrum Lap Timer System can be used with aircraft and surface vehicles, plus it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you drive or fly, the Spektrum Lap Timer System is a low cost setup that lets you enjoy the same thrilling action very similar to what dedicated racers experience at regulation events.

Ideal for personal use, use it in your own backyard to significantly hone your skills or just enjoy the thrill. You can also team up with friends or get the club together. The cold hard lap time telemetry the Spektrum Lap Timer System is extremely simple, yet tells you invaluable information that's crystal clear. The Base Unit is a gate controller that weighs a mere Simply assign a gate as a Start and Finish or expand the system to include up to 9 more Base Units.

This allows you to know what lap times are possible and what your speed is through a particular section or curve of the track. The Spektrum Lap Timer receiver is less than one-inch square, weighs just 4. With the Spektrum Lap Timer System, racers can upgrade their telemetry-equipped model to assist with race practice, use it for local competitions, or just play head-to-head against friends.

All it needs is a small space on your model and a 4. Like the other connections on the F board, this sensor solders into place and operates off the internal power of the RC system. Increasing the IR field offers higher sensor accuracy and wider coverage. When possible, always aim the race gate toward the outside of the track.

easylap infrared

Avoid pointing race gates at each other. Note that the RPM port functionality wont be able to provide sub-section data only start finish. Attach the sensor to the side of the model so that it faces directly toward the Lap Gate. Multiple base units can be connected when the race course design is more complex. Always, read and understand the product instruction manual for complete details.

The Base Unit is a small, easy to set up gate controller that allows racers to set up custom tracks in their backyard, local track, flying field, where ever!

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The Base Unit can be used to assign a gate as a Start and Finish as well as allowing the racer to expand up to 10 Base Units. This allows the racers to not only know what their lap time is, but their speed through a particular section or curve of the track.Hobby grade RC systems have modular designs.

Many boats, aircraft and cars can accept equipment from different manufacturers, so it is possible to take RC equipment from a car and install it into a boat, for example. However, moving the receiver component between aircraft and surface vehicles is illegal in most countries as radio frequency laws allocate separate bands for air and surface models.

This is done for safety reasons.

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Most manufacturers now offer frequency modules known as "crystals" that simply plug into the back of their transmitters, allowing one to change frequencies, and even bands, at will. Some of these modules are capable of synthesizing many different channels within their assigned band. Hobby grade models can be fine tuned, unlike most toy grade models. For example, just like their real life counterparts, cars frequently allow camber, caster angle adjustments and toe-in.

All modern computer radios allow each function to be adjusted over several parameters for ease in setup and adjustment of the model. Many of these transmitters are capable of mixing several functions at the same time, which is required for some models. It is often wise to find out the standard value of the item you desire. If the retail price very high, you may want to look for considerably better promotions. But bear in mind, if ever the pricing is very low, the sale may be too good to be real.

If you plan on purchasing software, you need to make sure that the software you are buying is compatible with the equipment you will be using it on. If you notice something that you want within an auction website, be sure to perform some research concerning the vendor initially to make sure that you're not engaging in any fake financial transactions.

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Upgrade 2. The EasyLap system is becoming one of the most popular on the market, and it's extremely affordable. These transponders are mounted to the chassis of you Mini-Z to enable timing and scoring of your car at events using the timing system, or even on your home track to compare hot laps with your friends. This Transponder comes with two harnesses to connect to a variety of Mini-Z cars, except the Sport models in the Mini-Z line - these will require a harness that is available separately ETS.

When used properly, the transponder and timing system offer a new level of fun for a group of racers, or even on your home track to see how your skills have improved.

Its probably the most affordable system with such a high level of accuracy and reliability. In the event of damage, opening the package typically nullifies any insurance claim against damage. Failure to comply with the requirements of the shipping company is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

If a package appears damaged, do NOT open it, and contact the carrier immediately.This is the contents of a typical I-Lap system: 1. Bridge Sensor Cables 2. Decoder to Bridge Cable 50 feet 3.

Arduino lap timer for Mini-Z, initial test

Decoder 4. Bridge Sensors 6. Software and Driver CD 7. Velcro 8. Transponders Connect bridge sensors together with supplied bridge sensor cables. You can plug the sensors together in either direction. The sensor with only one connector is connected last in the chain of sensors. Connect the decoder to the sensors with the 50 foot cable.

The decoder and sensors are powered by your computer's USB port. No AC adapter is needed. Attach the sensors to the underside of your timing bridge facing down to the ground with the supplied Velcro. Bridge not supplied Attach your transponder using supplied Velcro in a position where it can see up through the window or other clear portion of the body shell. The transponder works through some paints and RTR bodies, or can be attached to the outside of your body shell in an area where it will be protected in a roll-over or a crash.

Connect your transponder to an open slot in the vehicle's receiver. Make sure to use the same polarity as your other attached cables. This is a proper installation.

The signal emitter has a clear view up and the transponder is level. Home Learn.Fast and reliable worldwide delivery. Made in Finland. Secure online payment methods. Buy products online. Karting - Rental karting, race tracks, teams, etc.

easylap rc timing system

RC cars and boats - Clubs, teams, hobbyists, etc. Slot cars - Clubs, teams, hobbyists, etc. Accurate, realiable and cost effective. Easy to install and use. No annual fees for software. Transponder-based system. LapSnapper is a transponder-based lap time measurement system meant for a wide range of sports.

Based on proven technology, LapSnapper measures and records lap and sector times for the unlimited amount of racers. LapSnapper manages the practicing and racing. The results are available in the electrical and paper format. LapSnapper can be used by the rental karting centers, activity centers, race drivers, teams, clubs, race tracks, groups of friends, families, etc. Credit Card information and other payment information are handled only by PayPal or checkout. OP Financial Group is one of the biggest banks in the Finland.

LapSnapper does not get or handle your Credit Card or other payment information. LapSnapper is a reliable, high quality and international brand. Hundreds of LapSnapper lap time measurement systems including thousands of LapSnapper transponders have been delivered to the over 60 countries all over the World. LapSnapper has over 65 followers in Facebook.

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Orders are delivered by using DHL Express Wordwide service, which makes it possible to deliver products to almost all over the world less than 5 working days. Fast and reliable worldwide delivery Made in Finland Secure online payment methods Buy products online Karting - Rental karting, race tracks, teams, etc.

Get your own LapSnapper now! LapSnapper products are available in the LapSnapper online shop. Get LapSnapper user manual and LapSnapper technical information from product support page.

Build Your Own RFID Race Chip Timing System

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding the products or you want to leave request for quotation. Add to cart Details. Select options Details. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

See our Cookie Policy Ok.Next Level Timing is built for racers like you. The modern design and intuitive interface allow you to easily start your first race in seconds.

Start racing and engage in consistent improvement of your abilities.

easylap rc timing system

Download Free Learn More. Never stop racing. Direct races with ease by adjusting racers and transponders on the fly- no need to stop the race. Improve your consistency. It isn't just about fast laps anymore, consistency streaks makes practice exciting by giving you another metric to strive for.

Windows Windows 7, 8, 10 bit. Mac macOS Linux Beta Linux bit. By downloading and using Next Level Timing, you agree to our license termsterms of serviceand privacy policy. Next Level Timing automatically sends usage data and crash dumps to help us improve the product. By downloading and using Next Level Timing, you agree to the license termsterms of serviceand privacy policy. Cancel Agree and download. Why should I use Next Level Timing?

Setup what you want, not the kitchen sink No limits on racers in a race Racer Management Assign and reassign racers during a race Assign and reassign transponders during a race Automatically register racers Sounds Voice announcements.

Helps improve consistency Improve your consistency.

easylap rc timing system

Download Free Today! Thanks for downloading Next Level Timing! All rights reserved Terms of Service Privacy Policy.New race directors and race timers often ask for our guidance with putting together an RFID race timing systemalso known as a chip timing system.

They often have a do-it-yourself mentality and are eager to build their own chip timing system, but may not necessarily know where to begin. After watching other companies set up timing systems at races, most DIY race timers are familiar with the basics of race timing, but the inexperience of managing a system may create some headaches when you begin building your own system.

This short guide will point you in the right direction and cut down on those headaches. Updated on April 4, With the continued popularity of this article, we turned it into a video! We hope the video makes it even easier for you to get up-to-speed with RFID chip timing. At atlasRFIDstore. Also, many of our customers use a software development kit SDK from the manufacturer and code their own timing system. If you are interested in going this route, we provide the SDK at no additional charge with the purchase of a reader.

Spektrum Lap timing System - Lap Timing Gate

I asked Rick Williams, our lead sales engineer, to give us some suggestions for hardware options:. If you would like help creating your own race chip timing system, you can contact a sales engineer at atlasRFIDstore. Race participants will wear a tag, usually on their bib. It connects directly to the PC and has a short range antenna so that only the desired tag is encoded.

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RFID Antenna Many types of antennas will work with the readers; however, choose antennas that are rugged enough to withstand the wear and tear of constantly being moved around, packed and repacked, stepped on, etc. Also, the antenna needs to be rated for use outdoors in case of rain or high humidity.

These tags are used most often. If you are in a situation where maximum performance and accuracy is required, this is the tag to use. For an optimum set up, affix two RFID chips encoded to the same ID on the race bib with one in a horizontal position and the other in a vertical position. RFID Cables Depending on your hardware configuration and the set-up of your system on race day, the RFID cables you need will vary in terms of length, insulation rating, and connector types.

It is important to ensure that cables are not an afterthought as using the wrong cable type can lead to a high amount of loss and, as a result, missed tag reads. To read more about RFID race timing, check out the links below!

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